Blogging about Copyright – Opinions online

Still in the Recipe Mode?

Check the food blog alliance

Research Copyright. com  On Writing: Recipes and Copyright Law

The Open Source Cook  Recipes and Copyright Law

C-Net Pirates in the kitchen: Recipe copying ‘rampant’ online
But Genealogy is not all about recipes, although recipes definitely have a part in genealogy so I would like to end today’s blog by highlighting a “genealogy blog”

I would like to suggest that anyone who already blogs, is planning to blog, has a website, is planning to have a website or would like to use items from a blog or a website check out  Janis’ Genealogy Blog  where her   Copyright and Collaboration  page outlines some realities of  copyright and the use of her materials.  Most genealogists out there are happy to share, they just don’t want you to take credit for their material.

Make it a rule to link rather than copy.  It’s a great way to keep everyone happy!


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