The Legal Genealogist

One of the blogs I read every day is that of The Legal Genealogist (Judy G. Russell). Her posts are a great resource for deciphering your legal research as well as offering interesting family stories (enjoyable even if they aren’t my family).

On May 13, Judy delved into the topic of online sharing in a blog entitled FamilySearch: Sharing is Forever. For all those who share your genealogical research online I highly recommend you check out the post. It is up to you to know and understand what you are agreeing to when you put your information online.  Today she posted another blog Copyright and the Quilt that is also a must read.  While there, subscribe, you’ll never regret the few minutes you spend reading her posts each day.

If you read a good blog on copyright, send an email to so we can share!



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2 responses to “The Legal Genealogist

  1. I agree. I love reading her posts. She always has some new angle to an issue I never thought about before. I also enjoy her Sunday posts about DNA.

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