Exchange Publications

@ 2001 Cath Trindle – Published in the CSGA newsletter – Vol 19 #6 June 2001. Permission to copy this page is granted with inclusion of this permission notice.

Myth – Our society exchanges publications with various societies and we have the right to reprint anything in those publications.


  • Many societies exchange publications to implement the sharing of calendar items and information on events. These items can be copied and shared.
  • Short items that pass along sources of information would probably be considered fair use. If you are passing on information, it is probably prudent to verify the information. Web addresses change often and other information can become worthless over time.
  • Lists may or may not be covered under copyright laws. For more on lists see next months copyright notes.
  • Many societies post a permission to reprint within their publication. If the permission is there, you may reprint the item. Common courtesy dictates that you would send a copy of the newsletter to the author of any article or column that you reprint. If you do not have an address for the author, send it in care of the society that you exchange with. This should be an extra copy, not just the exchange copy.
  • If there is no permission to reprint within the newsletter, or if it excludes articles with a byline, you need to obtain permission before you reprint the article. Contact the editor of the publication for information on how to obtain permission.


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