Who holds the copyright?

Last month after presenting my talk on Copyright Issues for 21st Century Genealogists for the Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society, I received an email from a member who had attending asking a question to which I had no simple answer.  I am going to present the question here in his words, with his permission, and  we both welcome opinions and discussion from all of you.

So the question is….

I have a real life question on copyright as it applies to photographs.

During a recent vacation, I handed my camera to a random gentleman whom I asked to take my photo. The photo he took with my camera is SUPERB!!! The question is…Who owns the copyright? I have the only .jpg file of the photo, yet someone (whom I cannot identify) took the photo. If he is the copyright owner, I cannot enter the photo in any contest or publish it in a book of my photos.  (G. Shull)

Watch the blog next week for the conclusion Gary reached.  Will it agree with yours?



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Educational Materials

As I gave my last presentation of “But It’s My Family….Copyright issues for the 21st Century Genealogical Community” in Las Vegas last week my hope was that someone else would take up the mission of discussing copyright issues with genealogists and genealogical societies.  I would like to make my presentation materials available to anyone that would like to do so or to any society that would like to share with it’s members.  Feel free to download, change, enhance, share or anything else that would be useful in helping the genealogical community understand the issues of copyright.  Links to the PowerPoint presentation and to the PDF handout have been placed on the blog page “Educational Materials.”

Cath Madden Trindle – 17 Dec 2012


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Trans Pacific Partnership and Copyright

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement being negotiated between is negotiating with eleven countries: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, United States. Canada and Mexico.

I offer no opinions here, just some links to blogs and articles on the intellectual property portion of the agreement for your perusal.  Feel free to leave comments!

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